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Hendry Emma
Hendry Emma

Researchers found that men who owned full-size sex dolls tended to be older and more likely to be facing separation and divorce. They generally believe that it is very difficult to understand women. In addition, sex doll owners emphasize that they respect sexual power and have less desire to engage in aggressive behavior toward women. Overall, they are even more emotionally stable than non-owners. Personality differences between the two groups were minor, with the main difference being in romantic experiences. Owners of full size sex dolls are often "unlucky in love" and have difficulty finding long-term partners, fearing the emotional damage they can cause, so they turn to sex dolls as their safe choice. All in all, the data shows that this is a group of men with a relatively positive mentality, who currently do not have a romantic partner, but who need sexual release. They will also choose some sex doll torso to help them release their sexual desire.


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